Your BioShock Moments

Last week, we asked you for your stories. The first time you jumped playing BioShock. The first time you cried. Those “Holy &*@^!” twists and reveals as you kept roaming the corridors of Rapture and the skyways of Columbia.

And, boy, did you folks deliver!

Here are just a couple of our favorite tales from this past week:


Nevixd: “The hypnotic world of Rapture consumed my father and I as we would play BioShock together. And to this day, we talk about how incredible the entire game was. I will never not credit the BioShock series as a reason my father and I grew closer.”

2K: Fathers and their children in the BioShock series don’t tend to have the best relationships. AHEM. Anyway, it’s great to see that families outside of Rapture and Colombia are coming closer together! Thanks for sharing, Nevixd!


Grunt Gunner00: “I remember picking up the shotgun only to be swarmed by splicers, and subsequently had to get my mother to sit in my room while I was playing – ‘cause I was so scared.”

2K: Well mothers and motherly figures in the BioShock universe….actually, no, scratch that thought. Not much luck there, either.


Drjellyfinger0: “That moment in the colder parts of Rapture when you are walking through the freezing fog and you stop at that desk and bam!! Bunny Mask Dude, literal screaming.”

2K: Not sure what’s making us more uneasy, remembering that chilling moment or knowing that bunnies also make a pretty awful noise when they’re in danger.


Deathstart:  “Those last 20 minutes of BioShock Infinite, I played it slack-jawed, completed it then called my wife into the room and showed her (she's watched me play all three but missed the ending). Stunning.”

2K: Hope you ended up showing her the finale. And if you didn’t…well let’s just say that BioShock: The Collection can make for an excellent date night. Or so we’ve heard


Mara Jade Skwkr: “Just beat the trilogy for the 13th time after doing my bi-monthly, two-day binge of all three games and the DLC.”

2K: You make it through everything from all the games in row over the course of a weekend? That’s some awesome dedication, right there! (So, if we time this right, your 14th go-round could be in remastered HD?)


Winter Basco: “The day I picked up BioShock Infinite was one of the best days of my life. I went straight to my room, turned the lights off, turned on the surround sound, and put the disc into my PS3. This is going to sound super dorky, but when I first ascended into Colombia and heard that sweet music and saw that beautiful city, I cried. I have a strange emotional attachment to the BioShock games that can't be explained.”

2K: Considering the amount of stories we’ve hear, there’s been enough tears shed by Bioshock players to help make a new Rapture. It’s definitely not a strange reaction at all!


What about your stories? What happened when you played a BioShock game? Share your #BioShockMoments here on the blog or any of 2K’s social channels – we’d love to hear from you! And your moment just might become a featured BioShock Moment. 

Would you kindly share your story?