Share your favorite BioShock Moments

There’s always a lighthouse. There’s always a man. There’s always….BioShock.

It’s been nine years – Nine. Years. – since Irrational Games and 2K took you to the depths of thriller-storytelling in the underwater city of Rapture. And the outpouring since we announced BioShock: The Collection has been nothing short of amazing.  

Before the announcement, we always got some people sharing their favorite BioShock moments at any given trade show. Hell, by our count, several people admitted to balling up in the fetal position their first time playing the game.

Today, we’re sharing a couple of our favorite BioShock anecdotes from you, our fans:


“I loved tricking Big Daddies into fighting each other to the death. The one that survived, I’d charm [and] the winner would have the honor of being my bodyguard.”

2K: There are better ways to find someone to watch your back…we just can’t think of any right now.


“I bought BioShock Infinite on the day it came out and proceeded to play it for 12 hours straight. No food, no bathroom breaks. Nothing. No regrets, either.”

2K: Our legal team informs us that food, bathroom breaks, sunlight and bathing regularly are recommended. Strike that, HIGHLY recommended.


 “I was never into the 50s or 60s – I’m talking styles, music – any of it. BUT, after playing BioShock, I fully converted. Now I listen to the music of the era and adopted those clothing styles into every day of my life by choice.”

2K: You sure it wasn’t because you’re responding to all the “Would you Kindly” requests that you’ve been given over these past couple of years?


“First time I got to the spoiler point with ‘Would you kindly?’ I immediately stopped. I then yelled out, ‘Holy S***!’ and decided to start playing over from the very beginning. I was imagining it as a flashback moment to see the game again with that new knowledge.”

2K: Would you kindly finish the game? (and not spoil it for anyone left on the planet that hasn’t played it yet.)


“I owe BioShock for a lot – but there is one memory that I will always attach to this game: Years ago, I was invited over to a woman’s house to help her solve a puzzle in BioShock.”

2K: SPOILER: It wasn’t a puzzle.


“When you have a non-gamer wife, it’s sometimes hard to explain all the stuff that you’re experiencing – like that emotional moment of when you had to choose between harvesting or sparing a little sister. I was emphatically trying to talk to my wife about the scenario BioShock presents. She just thought I was a monster for not immediately thinking of saving a little girl.”

2K: You can’t blame your wife for not understanding the dilemma, she’s never had a plasmid.


“I search everywhere for new items in games. So, when playing through a game like BioShock, you find money and items in funny places. Wandering into a bathroom, I thought it was odd to spot an edible potato just sitting it a toilet. OF COURSE I ate it.”

2K: Yeahhhhh….not gonna touch that one.


“You know that part early in the game where you see a splicer talking into a baby stroller? That creeped me the hell out. I ran out on to my steps, balled up started chain-smoking and saying to myself out loud, “Oh hell, no….!”

2K: You mean that part where the splicer woman is having a conversation with a handgun and baby doll in the stroller? Nope, nothing messed up about that image. At all.


…but those are all other people’s stories, all 100% real – from fans we met at shows like PAX East, PAX Prime and Gamescom.

What about your stories? What happened when you played a BioShock game? Share your #BioShockMoments here on the blog or any of 2K’s social channels – we’d love to hear from you! And your moment just might become a featured BioShock Moment.  

Would you kindly share your moments?