NHL SuperCard Just Got a Major Update

Calling all NHL and collectible card-battling fans! NHL SuperCard just received a major update on iOS and Android devices.

Available now for download free of charge, the update hits the virtual ice with several new features, including a new event mode, new card tier, new and updated packs, as well as notable roster and usability enhancements.


Check out all the great features included in the latest NHL SuperCard update:

  • Endurance – Combining elements of the game’s Quick Game and Season features, players are tasked with building sizable win streaks and accumulating points. The longer the streak, the more points players can earn in the game. In this event, users compete to secure their spot on the leaderboard and will earn rewards based on their final ranking;
  • Energy Cards –Using players in Endurance will drain their energy and decrease their stats during the event. Recharging them with energy cards will bring them back to their full potential with maximum stats;
  • Star Tier – Players will now compete with a powerful new card tier delivering more than 80 Player and Support cards;
  • Card Packs – The new Legendary Pack, featuring Legendary and Star rarity players, is available now in the NHL SuperCard store. In addition, the Winter Classic Pack now includes Star rarity with cards of players from the 2016 Winter Classic game, while players from the recent 2016 All-Star Game are featured in the newly added All-Star themed pack;
  • Roster Update – New cards have been added for players who have changed teams, as well as cards of additional rarities for select existing players.
  • Usability – Players can now access Facebook and Twitter links from the game’s title screen.

In NHL SuperCard, players build teams comprising current and legendary NHL players, train them to their full potential, battle on the ice in exhibition games and test their skill in both season and rivals-based action. The game features more than 500 cards in active circulation and holds an average rating of 4.5/5 stars on the App Store for iOS devices, as well as 4/5 stars on Google Play.

Download NHL SuperCard for free on iOS and Android devices.

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