Evolve Today: BioShock Plasmids

Splicing genes and messing with one’s own DNA? Why, that was old hat for the residents of Rapture! Inspired by Francis Crick and James Watson’s work of mapping the human genome, why wouldn’t this underwater society explore this particular fringe science? It was part of the scientific zeitgeist captured in BioShock and BioShock 2. And to help you brush up on your Plasmid playlist, here’s a quick breakdown of what some of them do.


Cyclone Trap -  Set traps for unsuspecting enemies and lead your foes into ambushes.


Electro Bolt - Stun your foes with 1000 volts. Shock them in water to deal damage. 


Enrage - Enrage your enemies and laugh as your enemies fight each other.


Hypnotize Big Daddy - Cry out for Big Daddy’s help. Make him think you’re a Little Sister. Watch as he fights to protect you.

(Allows you to hypnotize other Splicers as well in BioShock 2)


Incinerate! - Light up foes to 1000 degrees (Fahrenheit, we’re guessing). Warning: Fire spreads.


Insect Swarm - Unleash insects against groups of enemies. Attack lots of enemies at the same time.


Scout - Worried about the future? Scout the situation ahead of time! Have an out-of-body experience as you float around like a ghost and get a jump on your enemies with a plasmid surprise!


Security Bullseye - Trick the security systems. Set security bots and turrets on your enemies.


Sonic Boom - Knock foes back with hurricane force. Laugh as they bounce off the wall.


Target Dummy -  Distract your enemies and buy yourself time in dangerous situations.

(Decoy functions similarly in BioShock 2)


Telekinesis - Throw objects at foes. You can even catch grenades and throw them back!


Winter Blast - Freeze your enemies – and shatter them into a thousand pieces.


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