Imagining BioShock Golden Reel Locations

With the launch of BioShock: The Collection, we also revealed the never-before-seen video series, Director’s Commentary: Imagining BioShock. This video series takes you through the inspiration and creation of Rapture and its inhabitants, with commentary from the Creative Director, Ken Levine, and Animation lead, Shawn Robertson.

Play through the remastered version of BioShock to pick up Golden Reels and unlock the secrets behind Rapture. Watch the Imagining BioShock trailers here and continue reading to find the location of each Golden Reel.


Episode 1: Making Rapture Real

Location: Medical Pavilion near the Lounge Gather’s Garden


Episode 2: Behind the Pitch

Location: Lighthouse in the Footlight Theatre


Episode 3: The Deeper Shooter

Location: Fontaine Fisheries, on the freezer bottom floor


Episode 4: The Creative Process

Location: Farmer’s Market in Worley Winery


Episode 5: Community Theatre

Location: Fort Frolic in the projection booth


Episode 6: Reality Check

Location: Hephaestus in Kyburz’s office 


Episode 7: Rapture’s Denizens

Location: Apollo Square in the Bathysphere station 


Episode 8: A World of Themes

Location: Ryan’s office on Ryan’s desk


Episode 9: Questions of Morality

Location: Point Prometheus in a room in Little Wonders


Episode 10: Excelsior!

Location: Proving Grounds near U-Invent

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