The "NBA 2K Loves You" Update

This year’s biggest update for MyTEAM is now live! What follows is a quick run-down of all of the new things in the “We Love You” update—new cards, new collections, new duos, updated cards, and more.

NBA and NBA 2K Announce NBA 2K eLeague

BIG news coming out the NBA and NBA 2K this morning: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and CEO of Take-Two, Strauss Zelnick spoke earlier today on Sportscenter about the new #NBA2KeLeague!

BioShock Builds: How to build your own desk-sized Pneumo Tube

Last year, we created a real-world vigor bottle based off one awesome fan’s suggestion. That inspired our resident sculptor and DIY-er, Jason Babler, to kick off 2017 with a new series – “BioShock Builds.” Every month, we’re spotlighting fan DIY crafts, recipes and all sorts of crazy fan builds inspired by the BioShock series.

Chinese New Year Packs and Boxes Now Available in MyTEAM

Chinese New Year packs and boxes are available, with a chance to get amethyst 姚明 Yao Ming! We also have some new Chinese New Year Moments Challenges, including three of Yao Ming's career-defining moments and a buzzer beater for Jeremy Lin 林書豪. Also beat the Dallas Mavericks and get 20 assists as a team to unlock Ruby Jeremy Lin "Linsanity" card!