BioShock: The Collection Console & PC Updates

Since the launch of BioShock: The Collection, we’ve heard from some of our players about issues you have encountered. We hear your feedback and we will be issuing updates on console and PC.

Black Friday Weekend Deals From 2K!

Since September, we’ve released six huge games for PC and consoles! This Black Friday weekend will be your chance to score some great deals as we celebrate the Power of 2K!

Rebuilding BioShock Brick-by-Brick

We’ve been big fans of Imagine’s for some time now and we had to see if Imagine was up for a challenge. Would he be able to recreate the box art for BioShock: The Collection out of bricks?

Build Your Own Mini-BioShock Figures!

You’ve met Imagine Rigney – he created some astounding BioShock builds of Rapture and Columbia out of bricks. Now, it’s time for you to build some awesome BioShock brick art of your own!